France Hopper Solutions


We started in 2007 by designing and launching a WordPress site for a local professional speaker. Today, WordPress has become our specialty, and we highly recommend it to our Partners looking for a solution they can easily learn how to work with themselves. Its long history means it’s also well-documented, highly customizable, and highly extendable.

Custom web design:

We understand and know very well that WordPress isn’t the right solution for every problem. We also have experience developing custom web applications that are built on top of a LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP) stack.

System installation, management, and maintenance:

Despite the best efforts of the industry, computers can still be tricky machines. Whether it’s deciding what computer is right for you or getting it up and running, we’re here to help. We have experience running Windows, macOS, and Linux (primarily openSUSE, but with knowledge of Ubuntu too.) On the server-side of things, we have some experience with Windows Server 2012 and advanced knowledge of OS X Server.

Whether it’s your computer or your website (or both!), we’re here to help you make sure it stays running smoothly. We offer assistance with routine maintenance, updates, and installations. If we developed a WordPress site for you, we make sure your site is set to update WordPress automatically, including all plugins.

Graphic design:

We’re not pros, but we’ve also been doing graphic design work since 2007. We’ve created logos, banners, and designs for apparel.

Looking for something else?

Have a challenge and need a solution that isn’t listed here? Get in touch with us, and we’ll see if we can be of help.

One simple price.

Everything we do is just $20 an hour. We have gladly accepted credit/debit cards via Square since its launch on the App Store.

Some service providers we recommend:

Based on our own years of experience, we happily recommend WordPress, OpenDNS, FreeDNS, Hostgator, Nexcess, Dreamhost, and Google Domains.

France Hopper Holdings:

France Hopper Holdings is our division for managing our digital investments, including joint-ventures. It is currently invite-only.