About Us


It’s nice to meet you!

Hello there! We are The France Hopper Company, and we call Portland, OR our home. We’ve been around since 2007, when we were founded as ai|inc. We changed our name on March 31st, 2015 to reflect who we were better known as (albeit mistakenly at the time!) We moved from Philadelphia to Portland in August of 2015.

The story behind the name

Our founder, and sole employee, is Stephen J. Weber, more commonly known on the internet as France Hopper. We changed our name to reflect the identity many people were starting to know us by – and rightfully so, considering we used to be a page buried on our founder’s blog, The France Hopper Network. Today, The France Hopper Company is comprised of The France Hopper Network, The France Hopper Channel, France Hopper Solutions, and France Hopper Holdings.

The France Hopper Companies

The France Hopper Network is Stephen’s blog.

The France Hopper Channel, formerly ai|films, is Stephen’s YouTube channel.

France Hopper Solutions, formerly The France Hopper Company, is the name under which Stephen, our founder, conducts his freelance work providing Information Technology solutions.

France Hopper Holdings is our division for managing our digital investments.

The France Hopper Company refers to the France Hopper companies as a whole.

We have partners, not customers.

Since day one, we’ve never considered the people we work with as customers. We see them as partners, because together we help each other grow our businesses.

We believe dreams can happen.

We’ve seen a lot happen since we started in 2007. We’ve helped businesses grow around the world. We may have changed what we’ve done over the years, but our commitment to making dreams happen has never changed.